Belt drives nptel pdf

Design of flat belt drive from design of transmission system dts in tamil duration. When the shaft of driven pulley is jammed, the tight side. Then we are having alpha l that is angle of wrap of the larger pulley, so what is this one you can. Here, we consider as far as flexible machine elements are concerned only the drives belonging to flat belt drive and the v belt drives, although we are having. Unit 3 power transmission devices devices structure 3. F t f 1 1 2 d 2 solve the previous integral over contact angle and apply f. Apr 11, 2020 design of v belt drives module belt drives lesson 3 notes edurev is made by best teachers of. Lecture series on design of machine elementsi by prof. B maiti, department of mechanical engineering,iit kharagpur. Mechanical engineering design of machine elements i nptel. Introduction the belts are used to transmit power from one shaft to another by means of pulleys which rotate at the. What we understand by typical belt drive specifications.

So there are 4 types of sections mainly also i told you that are also. The selection of belt drive depends on several factors. Chains and belts require periodic adjustment from wear and stretch, respectively. Nptel syllabus mechanics of textile machinery web course course outline machine elements and drives introduction to drives, selection of drives, primary machine elements, special purpose drives and devices belt drives types of drives, selection of drives. Flat belt leather and reinforced belts, analysis of belt tensions, positions of slack. Now, normally what happens that whenever you are designing a belt that the most important part is the. Gears can operate at higher speeds and transmit more power than chains or belts. Belt tension to torque let the difference in tension between the loose side f 2 and the tight side f 1 be related to torque t t f. Problem 1 based on belt drive video lecture from chapter power transmission in theory of machine for mechanical engineering students. Multiple groove pulleys are available to accommodate number of belts, when large power transmission is required. Design of v belt drives module belt drives lesson 3. So, this is for the v belt drive and you know that the v belt specifications are as given over here.

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